Guest Speaking

If you are looking for an engaging speaker for your next event or conference to inspire your team to perform better and think differently, Hans Wrang, Positive Lifestyle Coach and Happiness Expert offers a unique guest speaker presentation.

Over the centuries, many of the great teachers and philosophers have taught us that what we get in life is a result of what we think. Recent breakthroughs in science now enables us to ‘see inside the mind’ and discover why that is.

Hans combines the teachings of leading experts on the workings of the mind, with recent scientific research to show you how applying the principles of Positive Psychology can lead to greater happiness and life balance, improved productivity, performance and engagement and an overall better experience of life.

Your team will come away from this talk with a number of easy to apply ideas that will instantly change the way they think and look at life.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you in tailoring our speaking presentation to fit your needs.

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